I needed a place to put things that peak my curiosity so I added this journal to keep them tidy.


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Thailand with the Potts

Snapshot from my iPhone

Seascape, CA

Quote from Jim Mullen

Read it Nov 2011

“Of all the things that your company owns, brands are far and away the most important and the toughest. Founders die. Factories burn down. Machinery wears out. Inventories get depleted. Technology becomes obsolete. Brand loyalty is the only sound foundation on which business leaders can build enduring, profitable growth.”

Snapshots from my iPhone

A collection from 2011

Quote from Dani Beaumont

Heard it Nov 2011

“A secret is something that is told to one person at a time.You can tell it a lot as long as you do it

one at a time.”

Passport document

My Sicilian grandmother’s identification card from when

she came to New York City.

She looks very happy.

Snapshots from my iPhone

Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho

Snapshot from my iPhone

We love the bee.